Bookmarks produced using ADANA85c

Caslon Limited Adana 85 Letterpress machine very cute  Red color
Adana eight-five Letterpress machine




I made a metal plate of 'North Wind and Sun' using the etching technique, and built it into a chase together with the typeface.

Special thanks

岐阜で活版印刷とワークショップを営んでいらっしゃる親切な直野さん(ORGAN活版印刷室)の手ほどきを受け、手動活版印刷機については、CASLON社のとても親切なCheryl、Anada Group、そしてRoy会長のサポートをいただき、ここまで辿りつくことができました。ありがとうございました。

bookmark  printed by adana eight-five letterpress machine
bookmark printed by adana eight-five letterpress machine

In our childhood, letterpress printing was the norm.

The smell of paper and ink, and the occasional misprint. We felt they were part of the book.

We felt nostalgic about letterpress printing and wished we could print it ourselves.

Then, through the intermediary of Ms. Naono, who organises letterpress printing and hands-on workshops in Gifu, Japan, we were given type from a printing house that had gone out of business.

A manual letterpress machine ADANA 85C (new model) was purchased from Caslon Limited in the UK.

The very helpful Ms.Cheryl and the Adana Group gave me sound advice on the purchase.

They then shipped it from the UK to Japan, on the edge of East Asia, with great care and packaging.

The letterpress machine was very well calibrated and produced beautiful prints.